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Bob Hughes - The True Story of A Legendary Waterman

Bob Hughes - The True Story of A Legendary Waterman

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Bob Hughes - The True Story of A Legendary Waterman
A Biography by Suzanne M. Hughes

This is the remarkable story of an Olympic athlete; a gentle giant,
feared by his opponents and idolized by his teammates. The most dominant U.S. Water Polo player for over a decade, Bob Hughes was a fearsome opponent who could throw the ball through the goal, and you with it if you thought you could hang on to his throwing arm.

The star U.S. water polo player at the 1952 and 1956 Olympic Games, Hughes was also a breaststroke champion who developed his own unique, all-underwater approach to swimming the breaststroke, earning him a World's Record and a place on two U.S. water sports teams at the 1956 accomplishment not duplicated since 1932. He was also, unknowingly placed on the on the Soviet radar.

At the height of the Cold War the Soviets did not miss the opportunity to use the Olympic Games as a political tool, duping a number of U.S. citizens into becoming agents for the Soviets in their attempts to weaken Olympic athletes.

The concept for the modern Olympic Games was to combine the fun of athletic competition in a positive atmosphere, designed to teach the world tolerance of cultural differences. To imagine being an athlete striving to compete in the Cold War era Olympic Games is unthinkable.
This is the story of Olympic competition, international love, communist intrigue, personal disaster and redemption.


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