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Just Try One More - Penny Lee Dean

Just Try One More - Penny Lee Dean

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This is an autobiography of the challenging life of open water swimming champion, Penny Lee Dean. From ages two to twenty-four, she overcame physical, family, and life adversities to go forth and conquer the Catalina and English Channels. Behind the swimming story was a deep struggle of the relationship with her mother. The intensity of this relationship is part of what drove Penny to achieve her goals. Early in her life, Penny discovered that she had a talent and passion for open water swimming. After a setback when she was ten years old, she set her sights on the Olympics of open water swimming-the English Channel. After college, she traveled to Europe on a Watson scholarship that allowed her to study with the national teams in nine countries and train for her attempt to break the record for the English Channel. Part of the reason Penny wrote this book was the hope that she could help others tackle any of their life challenges and realize their own dreams.

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