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Teaching Infant and Preschool Aquatics

Teaching Infant and Preschool Aquatics

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Teaching Infant and Preschool Aquatics
By The Australian Council for the Teaching of Swimming and Water Safety

The aquatic programs developed by the Australian organization AUSTSWIM are highly respected worldwide. Now, with Human Kinetics’ release of this international edition of Teaching Infant and Preschool Aquatics, you can learn the AUSTSWIM methods for introducing infants and toddlers to water safely and effectively. Aquatic education experts describe the six stages of motor, cognitive and emotional development from newborn to age four and how the stages relate to aquatic activity. These experts also advise you on how to structure lessons and activities based on the stages of development.

You will learn:
  • effective ways to familiarize children with water,
  • important infant health and water safety considerations,
  • the role of parents in early aquatic experiences and
  • how to encourage a child’s natural curiosity and playfulness to develop important aquatic skills
The easy-to-use format and the teaching hints and processes included in Teaching Infant and Preschool Aquatics will answer the many questions you have along the way. It will help you to provide enjoyable aquatic experiences for infants and preschoolers so they can learn at their own pace, gain confidence and build valuable water skills to use for a lifetime.Swimming Fastest will benefit every serious swimmer and swimming coach. Gain new knowledge, refine technique, maximize training, and trim precious seconds off previous record times.
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